Reviews: New Comics 9th October (Image/Dark Horse)

Here are my (very delayed) reviews for the new releases by Dark Horse and Image on October 9th.  Beware of spoilers throughout

Rocket Girl 1Rocket Girl 1 (Image)

I decided to try something different this week so as I was looking through the new releases this jumped out,  the preview that said “A teenage cop from a high-tech future is sent back in time to 1986 New York City” and that is exactly what it is.  But unlike other time travel stories there is no trying to fit in or not trying to stand out in this one!  The main character 15 year old Dayoung Johansson (of the New York Teen Police Department) is the focus of the issue and we see her arrival into 1986 and also the conversation that lead to her being sent back in time.  She also wastes no time in aiding police with catching a criminal, and schooling them in the use of handcuffs.  No major details are given as to the why or how she is sent back, just hints at what will be developed on in future issues, and I liked that.  The book literally jumped in feet first and there is a lot of potential for development in all aspects of the story.

With regard to Amy Reeder’s artwork the one word which constantly springs to mind is “cute”, everything is cute, but in a good way.  Dayoung’s suit looks futuristic but not overly so (except the jetpack) but it also looks practical and not over the top in any way.  I also liked the way there was no doubt this is set in the 80’s, from the phones to the hairstyles and even the arcade machines everything looked exactly as it did in the 80’s.  Writer Brandon Montclare kept this issue at a very fast pace and there was no time to pause between one thing happening and the next, while also keeping the hints at future developments constantly dropping.  I just hope that these hints do get built upon and properly explained and not left as a question.  Overall a great start I think, I was looking for something different and thats exactly what I found.

Star Wars 10

Star Wars 10

Star Wars 10 (Dark Horse)

I’m going to start on a negative note here, because it is a pet peeve of mine when someone or something’s name changes between issues of comics or within stories.  In this issue the decommissioned Star Destroyer is identified as The Resolute (Anakin’s command ship during The Clone Wars), whereas in issues #08 and #09 of this series it is identified as The Audacity, its a very minor thing, but like I said, a pet peeve.  On a much more positive note; that’s the only thing I have a problem with in this whole issue!  The key 3 characters are all well represented and manage to share some of the limelight with lesser known characters like Wedge Antilles, also shown is the start of Boba Fett’s hunt for Han Solo which came to its conclusion in The Empire Strikes Back.  Mon Mothma who was only really a bit-character in the films also  gets a moment to shine and show off her leadership skills.  There are 3 distinct storylines currently ongoing but they all flow well into one another and the issue doesnt feel like its jumping around randomly.

Wood’s writing is great as always and he has maintaining the Star Wars feel throughout this run so far, the known characters are as you would expect them to be and the new characters such as Prithi and Bircher are interesting and add a degree of uncertainty over who will come out the other side of this conflict.  Seeing how Bircher’s downfall will play out will be particularly interesting.  My favourite panels from this issue were Wedge and Luke discussing all the friends they’d lost during the attack on the Death Star, with Wedge displaying a touch of survivors guilt as well, it adds a depth to the character which is missing from the films.  Kelly manages to nail all the known designs from the movies and tv shows making everything feel familiar whilst still maintaining the distinctiveness of all the characters so nobody looks the same.


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